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Life Insurance


Term Life - Whole Life - Universal Life

There are literally dozens of different life insurance policies available today. To make your choice easier, we've identified three basic types. Term Life (Renewable & Convertible), Whole Life, and Universal Life.

Term Insurance (Renewable & Convertible)

This product offers the individual pure life insurance protection, for a temporary period of time, usually up to the age of 80 to meet your short - term needs, during your lifetime.
The premiums increase every 10 or 20 years, based on the choice you make at the time of purchase.
This insurance is convertible prior to the insured's 65th birthday to any other type of permanent life insurance plan offered by their insurance company without any medical evidence required.

Whole Life

Guaranteed, level cost of life insurance which provides financial payout upon the death of the insured person, while also building a tax-deferred cash reserve over time.

Universal Life

Is a flexible product that provides you with life insurance protection, as well as the opportunity to accumulate funds in a variety of investment options.
It's main advantages include: provides a tax-free death benefit; builds a fund for special projects, supplementing your retirement income, increasing the value of your estate, paying taxes upon your death.